CA Services

CA services


CA for small Business & other services like


  • Company Registration (Pvt. Ltd/Ltd.)
  • Firm Registration (Proprietor/Partnership/Llp)
  • Trust & Society Registration
  • Registration for GST,ESI,PF,FSSAI,Labour licence,Trade Mark,Patent and Copyright.
  • Return fillings (GST,Income Tax }
  • Audits (GST Audit,Cost audits, Statutory audits)
  • Book keeping.


Installation, Uninstallation, Service, Repair, Cooling & Other Issues.


Any Air Conditioner equipment if not properly maintained or serviced on-time may lead to a reduced life cycle of air conditioners in Sonipat.if you are searching best AC repair service in Sonipat,or air conditioning repair in Sonipat,or AC service near you or AC repair service in Sonipat,Then you should be aware of the,which connects you with the best AC repair and installation companies in Soniapt or Best HVAC contractors in Sonipat for air conditioning service 



AC Service details

Duration                                        30 mins - 2 hrs 30 mins      
Turnaround Time 2 hours
Pricing Fixed pricing



Rate list :

Service type / spare parts                                     Min. Price           Max Price        
AC Repair (Labour charge only) Rs. 450 N/A
AC wet service Rs. 650 N/A
AC chemical clean with pressure pump Rs. 1200 N/A
AC gas filling Rs. 1000 Rs. 2500
Water leakage from indoor unit Rs. 650 Rs. 1000
Wiring rat cutting Rs. 1000 N/A
AC install / fitting Rs. 1500 N/A
AC uninstall / Dismantle Rs. 700 N/A
Copper pipe per meter Rs. 750 N/A
AC outdoor stand Rs. 600 Rs. 800
AC Capacitor Rs. 350 Rs. 750
PCB Repair for non inverter Rs. 1500 N/A
Outdoor Contactor Rs. 950 Rs. 1250
Outdoor fan motor Rs. 1650 Rs. 2450
Indoor Blower motor Rs. 1800 Rs. 2500
Swing motor Rs. 350 Rs. 550
Outdoor copper condencor 1.5 ton Rs. 3200 Rs. 4300
Compressor 1.5 ton Rs. 7000 Rs. 8000
Outdoor unit fan blade Rs. 650 Rs. 950


How It works 


  • Choose the type of appliance
  • Share your requirements
  • Relax and enjoy our service



What included & excluded


  •  Reinstalling the AC unit
  • Cooling coil cleaning
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  •  Filter Cleaning
  •  Gas refilling
  •  Resolving electrical issues
  •  Any other repair work



What makes 99dial unique


  • Every best possible solution at your doorstep
  • Expert nd reliables services providers
  • Standardized pricing(Low price guarantee)
  • Never let your hygiene suffer(Special care of your hygiene)
  • Post work Professional Support(Ensure quality check after eord)
  • Hassel free service experience
  • Quality assured 100%



Please Note :

* What is min charge/price: The minimum price for spare parts depends upon the quality/brand. Labour charges depend upon work/risk. our technician will decide the final charges/prices.

* What is max price/charge: The maximum price for spare parts depends upon the quality/brand. Labour charges depend upon work/risk. our technician will decide the final charges/prices.

* What is N/A: N/A means for some work/spare parts deciding of charges is not possible. So, in some cases, our technician will decide the final charges/prices.

* Labour charge increase: The labour charge mentioned above will be doubled to replace the spare parts if you bring it from outside. Because the technician has to come to your house twice, Or he has to wait until you get spare parts outside.

* Cancellation: of service after visit of the technician and keeping the work in pending after giving quotation. Minimum charge will be charged Rs.250/-